uAvionix AV-30C & Av-Mag Certified Magnetometer Bundle

uAvionix AV-30C & Av-Mag STC bundle includes the latest uAvionix AV-30C flight display and the recently certified external magnetometer. The Av-Mag STC is equipped with a 3-axis electronic compass that greatly improves AV-30’s accuracy, precision, and reliability.

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uAvionix AV-30C for Certified Aircraft

uAvionix AV-30C
The Essential Flight Instrument

The certified version of uAvionix AV-30 is a state-of-the-art avionic display that effortlessly combines traditional gauge looks with modern digital technology, offering both precision and reliability. Tailored for the discerning pilot, the AV-30C promises:

  • Adaptive Display:
    Transition seamlessly between an attitude indicator or directional gyro mode. Its bright, clear screen adjusts to current flight conditions, ensuring optimal visibility at all times.
  • Advanced Features:
    Benefit from features such as angle-of-attack, g-meter, OAT, true airspeed, and bus voltage, all integrated into a compact interface.
  • Seamless Integration:
    Designed to fit a standard 3-1/8” instrument hole, the AV-30C makes installation a breeze, providing a quick upgrade to your cockpit without extensive modifications.
  • Enhanced Safety:
    Receive critical alerts like exceedance warnings, which help in maintaining awareness and averting potential flight hazards.
  • Future-Proof Design:
    With regular software updates, your AV-30C will always stay at the cutting edge of aviation technology.
uAvionix Av-Mag STC

uAvionix AV-MAG STC External Magnetometer
Now Certified!

The uAvionix AV-Mag STC is an external magnetometer equipped with a 3-axis electronic compass. It accurately gauges the earth’s magnetic field, enhancing the long-term precision and reliability of the AV-30’s directional heading measurement. A single AV-Mag can support several AV-30 displays.