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Canyon Aeroconnect (formally Cobham) AA80 Intercom InterVOX is an advanced cockpit intercom system designed for general aviation pilots. The InterVOX provides full boom-mic transmit and ICS operation for the pilot, co-pilot, and two or four additional passengers. Also, the AA80 intercom offers a stereo tape input (AA80-001 only) mute during transmit and ICS operations and a pilot privacy function.

Transmit ICS allows immediate transmission from the ICS mode without any additional switching. The InterVox system uses unique audio processing for dynamic noise reduction and selective bandwidth for producing clean intercom audio under noisy conditions — resulting in better onboard communications and reduced noise fatigue. The AA80's high output power and low distortion ensures adequate volume for all types of the headset and flying conditions.

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AA80 Intercom Features

  • Full boom mic transmit and ICS for the pilot, copilot, and up to four passengers
  • Split bus operations and automatic emergency switching during power failure are standard features
  • Internal over-voltage and reverse voltage protection
  • Built with high-quality components such as sealed gold plated contacted switches, dry nitrogen filled/high vibration rated sealed relays, gold contact connector and a fully masked, post coated, flame retardant circuit board

Additional information

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4 standard “carbon equivalent” microphones, 250 mVrms for full output, 600 ohm input impedance
1 Music input (1KΩ input) 2.5 VRMS
1 Radio input (1KΩ input) 2.5 VRMS
1 ICS Key input (ground seeking)
1 ICS Tie Line (for IC expansion)


4 or 6 standard headset outputs (150Ω to 600Ω)
1 transmitter output (mic/key/ground)

Input Power

11 to 32 VDC


180 mA, typical
250 mA, maximum
Maybe battery operated

VOX Operation

Voice band trigger circuit with adjustable threshold on front panel. “Live” or hot mic operation by rotating VOX control to extreme counterclockwise position.


Two-color LED indicators
TX: Green
RX: Orange


Vertical or Horizontal through-panel, or standard clock hole. All plates
included. Optional mounting plate for standard instrument hole


Front Panel: ICS Volume, VOX threshold
Internal: Sidetone (artificial), RX volume, Music level, ATC muting


InterVOX: All hear the same audio and ICS
Pilot Isolation: Pilot connected directly to the radios, passengers remain on the ICS and music bus
Emergency: Loss of power puts pilot directly on the radio bus


AA80 Intercom

AA80 Intercom | 4 Place, VOC, PTT