Barfield 1811NG Digital Pitot Static Test Set



Barfield 1811NG Digital Pitot Static Test Set performs altimeter and static systems tests & inspections for general aviation, helicopter, UAV, non-RVSM regional and corporate aircraft. The 1811NG has additional features that can be used in other aircraft maintenance areas, such as Cabin Pressure and Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) test mode.

The 1811NG pitot static tester is equipped with a user-centric interface and Wi-Fi technology. This tester can be fully operated either from the display screen or via a tablet app available both for Android and iOS devices. Designed with the operator in mind, the 1811NG boasts a vivid, sunlight-readable LCD color touchscreen, which is glove-compatible for colder environments. Its sturdy wheel structure and handy extendable handle further enhance its ease of use.

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Barfield 1811NG Digital Pitot Static Tester – Test Set You Can Rely On

  • Great accuracy
  • CE certified
  • Fully automatic control
  • 7” Color Graphic Touch Screen
  • LCD sunlight readable
  • Usable with gloves in a cold climate
  • Versatility in updating user interfaces & features
  • Go to ground function
  • Auto leak test custom profiles
  • Programmable limit protections
  • Altitude correction
  • Altitude compensation for leak testing
  • Durable wheels & extendable handle on the case
  • Limited 2-Year Warranty

Barfield App offers the following features:

  • Connect to the 1811NG via WIFI
  • Once the Wi-Fi connection is established, the user can remotely operate the 1811NG
  • The data on the tablet App is identical to the one on the 1811NG
  • When connecting to the 1811NG, the App will detect its firmware (HUIM & PCM) version
  • If the firmware version on the 1811NG is older than the one on the App, it will automatically trigger an update to match the App firmware version, which is usually the latest version

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Weight33 lbs
Dimensions14.8 × 22.2 × 9 in


Barfield 1811NG Pitot Static Test Set

Barfield 1811NG Digital Pitot Static Test Set


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