Cobham AA38 Intercom System | 16 Users


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The AA38-301 local ICS loop provides intercom functions for sixteen users in HOT MIC or VOX mode operation. A switch-selectable NAT or Andrea tie line allows connection to multi-unit systems. An AUX input allows for a radio or music to be connected.

Part Number: AA38-301 Category:
  • Intercom functions for sixteen users
  • Selectable NAT ICS od Andrea Tie Lines
  • ICS volume, AUX volume, and VOX controls
  • Live and VOX Intercom modes
  • VOX operation LED and 28 VDC power LED
  • Balanced output circuitry for high common-mode noise rejection

Additional information

Weight 1.01 lbs
Dimensions 2.31 × 4.6 × 4.5 in

bulkhead mount with four 10-32 screws


5052/H32 brushed aluminum with chromate conversation finish


Two filtered male 37-pin D-subminiature, connector with jack posts

Operating Temperature

-30°C to 55°C

Survival Temperature

-55°C to 85°C


25,000 ft max.



Input Voltage

27.5 VDC with reverse and over-voltage protection (32.2 VDC max.)

Input current

0.66 Amps max @ 27.5

Number of Input Channels

16 mic channels
2 ICS tie channel
2 AUX input channel

Input Audio Level

250 mVRMS for mic inputs
0.34 VRMS for NAT ICS tie input
2.8 VRMS for Andrea ICS tie input
2.5 VRMS for AUX input

Input Impedance

150Ω ±10% for mic inputs
1.6kΩ ±10% for NAT ICS input
250Ω ±10% for Andrea tie input
940Ω ±10% for AUX input

Circuitry Type

All mics are single-ended inputs
Tie lines are single-ended inputs
Aux line is single-ended input
Better than -60 dB input-to-input crosstalk (MIC to AUX to ICS)

Number of Output Channels

16 headsets outputs

Rated Level

Headset output 7.7 VRMS or 100 mW (20 dBm) into 600Ω

Output Impedance

30Ω ±10% (headset output)

Intercom Frequency Response

<3 dB from 350 Hz to 3,000 Hz

Receive Frequency Response

< dB from 350 Hz to 6,000 Hz


<10% THD @ rated power output

Audio Noise Level

>60 dB down from rated output (without signal)

Output Regulation

<10% distortion / ∆3 dB max. of rated output power at 400% and 75% of rated load


TSO-C50c (RTCA/DO-170 Class 1a)



Cobham AA38 Intercom System | 16 Users