Comant CI 211 VHF Comm Blade Antenna



Comant CI 211 is the ideal VHF antenna for high-performance jet aircraft, standing at a mere 8.25" in height while delivering exceptional performance without the increased drag associated with taller blade-type communication antennas.

CI 211's exterior is designed to withstand Skydrol and rain erosion, ensuring durability and longevity. The CI-211 Series has undergone rigorous re-testing and has been upgraded to meet the latest RTCA DO-160D environmental standards, providing a frequency range of 118 to 137 MHz in compliance with DO-186A MOPS.

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Comant CI 211 VHF Comm Blade Antenna

The Comant CI 211 VHF Antenna is a high-performance, aviation-grade antenna designed specifically to provide superior communication capabilities for a wide range of aircraft. Engineered with durability and reliability in mind, the CI 211 ensures clear and consistent transmission and reception of VHF frequencies, making it a vital component for maintaining effective communication during your flights.

  • Broad Frequency Range: The CI 211 VHF antenna covers a wide frequency range of 118-137 MHz, providing excellent compatibility with most VHF communication systems used in aviation.
  • High Gain: Boasting a high gain of 2.5 dB, the CI 211 ensures maximum signal strength, delivering clear and reliable communication even in challenging environments or at extended distances.
  • Rugged Construction: The CI 211 features robust, corrosion-resistant construction, making it suitable for use in diverse weather conditions and able to withstand the rigors of regular flight operations.
  • Aerodynamic Design: With its sleek, low-profile design, the CI 211 VHF Antenna minimizes air resistance and drag, helping to maintain your aircraft’s performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Easy Installation: The CI 211 Antenna is designed for seamless integration with your aircraft, featuring a standard BNC connector and compatible mounting options, making installation a breeze.
  • Quality Assurance: As a trusted name in aviation antennas, Comant ensures that the CI 211 is manufactured to the highest quality standards, undergoing rigorous testing to guarantee reliable performance and longevity. The CI-211 Series has been re-tested and upgraded to the new RTCA DO-160D environmental requirements.
  • FAA TSO Approval: The CI 211 VHF Antenna complies with FAA TSO C37d and C38d

Additional information


118-137 MHz


2.9:1 Maximum



Radiation Pattern


Impedance RF

50 Ohms

Power RF

30 Watts


High Density Polyurethane


Polyurethane Enamel


BNC (female)

Operating Temperature

-55 to +85 Celsius

Operating Altitude

50,000 ft


FAA TSO C37d, C38d
RTCA Environmental DO-160D



Comant CI 211 VHF Comm Blade Antenna

Comant CI 211 VHF Comm Blade Antenna


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