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Comant CI 275-2 UHF antenna is designed for high-performance aircraft operating over the full frequency range of 406-512 MHz. This UHF radiotelephone blade-type antenna is encased in a low-drag, low-weight molded body to ensure high reliability.

Comant CI-275-2 antenna comes standard with a TNC connector, covers 406-512 MHz frequencies, and is rated to speeds of 600 knots at 25,000 ft.

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Comant CI 275-2 UHF Antenna | TNC

The CI-275-2 Wide Band UHF antenna was meticulously engineered to cater to the needs of high-performance aircraft. This cutting-edge antenna operates flawlessly across the entire frequency range of 406-512 MHz, making it ideal for a wide range of aviation applications.

CI-275-2’s low profile and blade-type design contribute to its exceptional performance and durability. While the aerodynamically optimized molded body minimizes drag and weight, ensuring optimal reliability in all conditions.

By default, the CI 275-2 antenna is presented in a sleek white color, offering a clean and professional look when installed on your aircraft.

CI-275-2 UHF Antenna Highlights

  • Covers the full frequency range of 406-512 MHz
  • Encased in a glass-reinforced polyester molded shell
  • Includes a TNC connector
  • Rated for 600 KTS at 25,000 FT

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 in

406-512 MHz


2.0:1 Maximum

Impedance RF

50 Ohms

Radiation Pattern

Typical 1/4 Wave Stub

Power RF

100 Watts Max. Average


White Polycarbonate


Nickel Plated




Comant CI 275-2 UHF Antenna

Comant CI 275-2 UHF Antenna | TNC


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