Datcom Hour Meter 873 | 12-24 VDC



Datcom solid-state aircraft hour meters start and stop counting instantly when power is applied or removed. Furnished with mounting hardware.

Datcom Hour Meter # 873 mounts in a standard 2-1/4" instrument hole and operates on any DC voltage between 12 and 24 volts. The running indicator indexes every 6 seconds.

Estimated delivery: February 27th - March 1st
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Datcom Electronic Hour Meter 873 Features

  • Fits in a standard 2-1/4″ instrument hole
  • Operators off 12 to 24 VDC current
  • Running indicator indexes every 6 seconds
  • Does not require an oil pressure switch to operate
  • Intended to be used in experimental aircraft

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Datcom Hour Meter 873

Datcom Hour Meter 873 | 12-24 VDC