Flightline FL-M1000AB Base Station


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Flightline FL-M1000AB Base Station - installed in an Astron base - is a VHF air & land mobile radio designed for land vehicles, airport, and FBO operations.

The FL-M1000AB radio can be operated with handheld microphone or headset. Audio output is selectable between external speaker and/or headphone. Standard Push-to-Talk switch and aviation headsets are compatible. The radio also features various built-in scan functions.

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Flightline FL-M1000AB Base Station Features

  • Convenient Base Station Enclosure
  • Easy to read alpha/numeric display
  • Scanning
  • Usable in the 760 Channel VFO mode
  • Simple to program
  • Compatible with a standard Push-to-Talk Switch and Air Band Headset
  • Priority scanning
  • Multiple speakers, antennas, cables, and programming options
  • Front panel control of external speaker

Additional information

Frequency Range

118.0 MHz – 136.975 MHz

Channel Spacing

25 kHz

Power Supply Requirement

13.8 V – 26.4 V

Current Drain (at 13.75 VDC)

Transmitting: 6A
Receiving: 6A
Standby: 260mA

Antenna Connector


Operating Temperature

-22ºF to 140ºF

Frequency Stability

±5 ppm

Number of Memory Channels




Flightline Base Station

Flightline FL-M1000AB Base Station