Icom FA-B02AR Flexible Rubber Duck Antenna



The FA-B02AR rubber duck antenna is a compact and versatile antenna designed for radio communication applications. Operating within the frequency range of 144-174 MHz. It covers the VHF band commonly used in two-way communication.

With its durable rubberized and flexible design, the FA-B02AR withstands environmental challenges. Making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Its efficient signal reception and transmission capabilities ensure reliable performance and excellent range.

The antenna features a standard BNC connector, offering compatibility with a wide range of radios and devices. Its omnidirectional radiation pattern enables uniform coverage in all directions. Making it ideal for applications such as public safety, amateur radio, and commercial use.

The FA-B02AR rubber duck antenna is popular among radio enthusiasts and professionals due to its reliable performance. Compact size, and versatility. It provides a convenient solution for various radio communication needs.

In summary, the FA-B02AR rubber duck antenna is a compact and durable antenna suitable for radio communication. With its flexible design, excellent signal capabilities, and compatibility, it is a reliable choice for professionals and enthusiasts in the field.

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The FA-B02AR rubber duck antenna is eight inches in length works with the following Icom radios: IC-A4, IC-A5, IC-A6, IC-A14, IC-A16, IC-A23, IC-A24, and IC-A25.

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Dimensions 8 in


Icom Antenna FA-B02AR

Icom FA-B02AR Flexible Rubber Duck Antenna