iLevil AP | Auto Pilot Module With Trim Tabs



A game-changer for all light-sport and experimental aircraft. Fly stress-free with one of the most affordable and easy-to-install autopilots available in the market today. Heavy servos are a thing of the past, iLevil's lightweight design uses trim-tab technology to control pitch and roll from your smartphone or tablet in addition to all your avionics.

The iLevil AP Auto Pilot is an all-in-one avionics solution, integrating several sensor modules to provide ADS-B weather and traffic information, GPS navigation, AHRS, and Data Recording. The Autopilot feature uses the AHRS data to determine aircraft attitude and controls small trim tabs to maintain wings level or maneuver the aircraft smoothly to desired heading and altitude. The iLevil AP can be used as a portable or permanent-mount instrument. It integrates static and dynamic pressure transducers, which make available accurate indicated airspeed and pressure altitude obtained from the pitot-static system, ultimately offering a "six-pack" solution displayed on a tablet.

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Your New Cost-Effective Autopilot Solution

Engage, sit back, and enjoy the flight with these iLevil AP features:

  • Heading Mode – Uses the internal compass and GPS to hold a heading
  • Altitude Mode – Climbs to, descends to, or holds an altitude
  • Vertical Speed Indicator
  • Turn and Slip Indicator
  • Flight Plan Steering – Follows a flight plan by using an external navigation app, such as iFlyGPS
  • Hold – iLevil AP will automatically keep the airplane flying at the current heading and altitute
  • Auto Envelope Protection – When the autopilot is off, trim tabs are still active. The system will correct for excessive or unwanted pilot inputs beyond a roll or pitch limit
  • Auto Trim – Since the system works with trim tabs, auto trim is built-in to the autopilot. No additional installation is required. The airplane will always be in trim following autopilot disconnect

ADS-B In? WAAS GPS? AHRS? All included! 

  • ADS-B In receiver for weather and traffic information
  • Dynamic and static port for indicated airspeed and altitute
  • High Performance AHRS and solid-state technology (capable of driving synthetic vision displays)
  • GRT EIS engine monitor connectivity
  • Flight recording feature with data recorded with SD card
  • 360 degree compass rose heading indicator that displays magnetic track or magnetic heading
  • Heading Bug

An Ideal All-In-One Wireless Avionics Suite with Autopilot

  • iLevil AP can be permanently mounted instrument or portable device
  • Small and lightweight. The entire system weighs less than 1 lb., including the RC servos, trim tabs, and iLevil sensor box
  • Compatible with iPad or iPhone devices as

Additional information

Weight0.6875 lbs
Dimensions3.2 × 5 × 1.1 in
Power Input

8-32 VDC main bus, 5 VDC internal battery by USB or serial port

Backup Battery

Lasts 5.5 Hours

Low Speed or High Speed Aircraft Option

Low Speed Aircraft Trim Tabs, High Speed Aircraft Trim Tabs


iLevil AP

iLevil AP | Auto Pilot Module With Trim Tabs


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