L3Harris DM H23-1 Triplexer | Dual VOR, Single GS, BNC Connector



L3Harris DM H22-1 antenna coupler is designed to couple multiple receiver systems to a single antenna with minimum insertion loss.

H3 Series antenna couplers allow the signal from a single antenna to be split equally to either redundant systems or provide a dual function role, such as glideslope and VHF range localizer. The H series has a rugged construction built with an aluminum housing that fully encapsulates all circuit elements.

This H23 antenna coupler (PN DM H23-1) supports dual VOR and single GS operations and features BNC connectors.

Estimated delivery: May 27th - May 30th
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L3Harris DM H23-1 Antenna Triplexer Features

  • Instrument landing system redundant couplers
  • Rugged, fully encapsulated designs
  • Minimum insertion loss
  • Standard mounting

Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs

FAA TSO C34c, TSO C35d, TSO C36d, TSO C40c

Frequency Range:

329 MHz – 335.3 MHz


< 1.5:1 dB (VOR/LOC)
< 1.5:1 dB (Glide Slope)




< 20 dB (VOR/LOC to VOR/LOC)
< 40 db (VOR/LOC to VOR/LOC)
< 14 dB (Glide slope from VOR/LOC)
< 14 dB (marker beacon to marker beacon)

Insertion Loss

0.5 dB, max (glide slope port H22-1 & H23-1)
0.5 dB, max (VOR/LOC port H22-1)
3.5 dB, max including power split (VOR/LOC ports, H21-1, H23-1 and glide slope ports H24-1)
3.6 dB, max (Marker beacon ports, H21-1)

Power Handling

Receive only


  • H Series Antenna Couples Spec Sheet


L3Harris DM H23-1 Antenna Coupler

L3Harris DM H23-1 Triplexer | Dual VOR, Single GS, BNC Connector