Mid-Continent CDI | 12-32VDC, GS, Lighted



Mid-Continent MD200 CDI (MD200-706) is designed to work with popular VHF and GPS navigational equipment (Avidyne, Collins, Garmin, Honeywell, and more) to provide VOR, GPS, localizer, and glideslope information.

MD200-706 CDI features a new-generation rectilinear meter movement for more accurate readings, plus a course selector and resolver output. This CDI also features a built-in annunciator that provides annunciations for NAV, VLOC, and GPS.

MD200 Series CDIs set the standard for a reliable, long-lasting, and easy to read instrument. Thousands of units have been sold by Garmin with the popular GNS and GTN navigators.

Mid-Continent MD200 CDI can be configured for 14V or 28V installations.

Estimated delivery: June 25th - June 28th
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Mid-Continent MD200 CDI (MD200-706) is designed to work with VHF and GPS navigational equipment to provide OMNI (VOR), GPS, localizer (LOC), and glideslope information. The CDI accepts DC signals from Left-Right and Up/Down pointer deviation and Valid/Invalid (flag) status from a remote mounted VOR converter. The CDI will also provide annunciations for NAV, VLOC, and GPS indication of the incoming source or mode and a TO or FR (from) annunciation to indicate the direction of the ground signal or course waypoint from the aircraft.


  • Fits standard 3-1/8 inch panel cutout
  • All metal construction with stainless steel ball bearings in critical areas
  • Deviation bars/pointers hide from view when invalid
  • LED annunciations for NAV, GPS, VLOC, and To/From indication
  • True OBS course resolver output
  • Compatible with WAAS GPS receivers
  • Pin-for-pin replacement for all legacy MD200 models
  • Optional course datum synchro output (MD200-707)
  • High-quality D-Sub connectors included with gold-plated pins
  • Mid-Continent MD200 CDI is FAA TSO and ETSO certified for use with all GPS and VOR systems

Additional information

Weight 1.3 lbs
Power Input

12 VDC – 32VDC, 0.2A (maximum)


5V, 14V, or 28V
Automatic Photocell Dimming of Annunciators


FAA TSO certified to C34e, C36e, C40c
EASA ETSO certified to C34e, C36e, 2C40c
RTCA DO-1606 qualified

Temperature Range

–55°C to +70°C (–67°F to +158°F)


95%, non-condensing


0 to 55,000 ft


25-pin male D-Subminiature
9-pin male D-Subminiature

Mating Connector

25-pin female D-Subminiature (included)


The panel, rear mount


DO-160B, Cat. M and N



MD200-706 CDI

Mid-Continent CDI | 12-32VDC, GS, Lighted


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