Orolia Kannad PR600 ELT Programmer

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The PR600 ELT Programmer, which supersedes the PR500, serves as the essential computer interface adapter for programming ELTs. To effectively use the PR600 for programming ELTs, authorized Kannad programming training is mandatory.

PR600 ELT programmer kit includes PR600 programming interface module, USB cable, instructions documentation, and suitcase storage for easy transportation.

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Orolia Kannad PR600 ELT Programmer

Kannad PR600 programming tool works with any PC computer with USB ports and Windows XP or newer. This part is compatible with the four ICAO-defined protocols: tail number, aircraft operator designator, serial number, and 24-bit address. Kannad PR600 is designed to work with all Kannad ELTs and programming dongles as a replacement for the PR550 programming equipment.

Kannad PR600 programmer linked to Kannad e-Prog Aviation software

  • Computer interface programmer
  • Replaces the PR500
  • Kannad training required for PR600 to program ELTs
  • Training documentation included

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Kannad PR600 ELT Programmer

Orolia Kannad PR600 ELT Programmer

$7,245.00$7,420.00 (-2%)

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