Sandia SAC 7-35 Air Data Computer



Sandia SAC 7-35 Air Data Computer - four systems in one.

Sandia SAC 7-35 contains an altitude encoder, altitude alerting, fuel flow, and air data computer.

SAC 7-35 is an FAA TSO-approved altitude encoder that provides RS-232 for newer generation transponders as well as standard Gilham Grey code for legacy transponders. The system is also equipped with SANDIA’s altitude inflight monitoring (AIM) which alerts pilots whenever the aircraft deviates 100 feet or more from the selected altitude. When paired with a fuel flow transducer, the SAC 7-35 provides all the fuel flow data required for navigation systems to monitor fuel flow.

The SAC 7-35 is also a fully TSO’s airdata computer with multiple interface formats that provide data to a wide variety of avionics systems.

SAC 7-35 Air Data Computer includes tray connectors, OAT probe, and install manuals.

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Sandia SAC 7-35 Air Data Computer – Performance You Can Count On

The SAC 7-35 has set the Air Data Computer standard for General Aviation aircraft, combining the accuracy and performance demanded by today’s integrated avionics systems. The addition of the SAC 7-35 will unlock the powerful features your new system is capable of providing to you. All with the quality and reliability you have come to expect from SANDIA aerospace.

You can depend on Sandia Aerospace products to provide years of reliable service. And every product is backed by a three-year warranty and personal service support.


Sandia SAC 7-35 Functions

  • Altitude Encoder. The SAC 7-35 is FAA TSO Approved as an altitude encoder. It provides standard Gillham Grey code for legacy transponders and RS-232 data for the new generations of transponders.
  • Altitude Alerting. The SAC 7-35 has SANDIA Aerospace’s exclusive AIM (Altitude Inflight Monitoring) that alerts the pilot anytime he deviates more than 100 feet from his selected altitude.
  • Fuel Flow. Combined with a fuel flow transducer (two for a twin) and your SAC 7-35 provides all the fuel flow data your navigation systems need to monitor your fuel situation.
  • Airdata Computer. The SAC 7-35 is a full-up TSO’d Airdata Computer offering all of the functions and capabilities of systems costing thousands of dollars more


SAC 7-35 Package Includes

  • Air Data Computer
  • Tray Connectors
  • OAT Probe
  • Installation manual

Additional information

Weight 1.18 lbs
Dimensions 5.62 × 4.87 × 1.89 in

TSO C88a, ETSO C88a
TSO C106, ETSO C106
DO178 level C


10 – 32 VDC @ 1 amp, max


ARINC 407 Synchro Heading
Pitot (airspeed)
Static (Altitude)
Track, Mag, Var & Ground from on-board GPS
5-volt pot baro
Fuel flow, pulse

Air Speed

KTS: 40 – 450
MACH: 01 – 0.99

Wind Speed

0 – 200 KTS

Vertical Speed

±9,999 ft/min
±20,000 on ARINC bus

Air Temperature

-60°C to 60°C

Max Altitude

35,000 FT


100 ft (Grey Code)
10 ft (RS-232)
10 ft (ARINC 429)


±25 ft (-1,000 to 5,000 ft)
±30 ft (5,001 to 11,000 ft)
±35 ft (11,001 to 20,000 ft)
±50 ft (20,001 to 30,000 ft)
±75 ft (30,001 to 35,000 ft)

Fuel Flow

Flow rate: 1 – 14,400 GPH per side
K-factor range: 500 – 130,000



Sandia SAC 7-35 Air Data Computer


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