Shadin Miniflo-L Fuel Management System | Single-Engine

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The Miniflo-L digital fuel management system (912041TD) provides complete fuel management information under real flight conditions without any manual data entry once initial onboard fuel information has been entered. The Miniflo-L model is capable of connecting to supported GPS or Loran navigational units to provide additional capabilities.

This unit connects to the engine's fuel flow transducer and the Loran-C or GPS receiver for navigation data to determine the ground speed, distance, and estimated time en route. The Miniflo-L is capable of transmitting fuel information to the Bendix/King KLN-88, KLN-90, and Garmin GPS navigation receivers for additional calculations and display fuel management data. The unit can be installed on virtually any reciprocating or turbine engine by selecting the proper size of fuel flow transducer.

This Miniflo-L unit (MFR Part # 912041TD) is designed for single-engine aircraft and displays fuel in gallons.

Part Number: 912041T-38-D Category:

Shadin Miniflo-L Fuel Management System – Functions

  • Fuel Flow (Selectable Endurance Warning)
  • Fuel Used
  • Fuel Remaining
  • Full Fuel
  • Add Fuel
  • Endurance
  • NM/gallon
  • Fuel to Destination
  • Fuel Reserve

Features of the Miniflo-L when connected to supported GPS or Loran navigation units:

  • Constant fuel flow rates
  • Total fuel used
  • Total fuel remaining
  • Endurance (hours/minutes)
  • Low fuel remaining warning
  • Low time remaining warning
  • Fuel to Destination
  • Fuel reserve upon reaching the destination
  • Nautical miles per unit for fuel

Compatible Navigation Receivers: 

R15, R20, R21, R30, R40, R50, R50V, R50i, R5000, FMS5000, Star5000, FMS7000

KLN-35, KLN-89B, KLN-90, KLN-90A, KLN-90B, KLN-94, KLX-135, KLN-900

F4, F14, 500, 501, 616, LNS-6000

100, 150, 150XL, 155, 155XL, 165, 250, 250XL, 300, 300XL GPS 400/500, GNC 420/520, GNS 430/530


M1 (above S/N 14800), M1A, M2, M3, 60, 600

(*AIM) KMD-150, Skymap II, Skymap IIIC

1000DC, 2000, 3000, 2100, 3100

IIMorrow/UPS Aviation Technologies
Apollo 612B, 618, 618TCA, 820 GX-50/55/60/65, 360, CNX80 NMS 2001, NMC 2001

Additional information

Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 3.25 × 1.25 × 7.5 in



Instrument panel

Input Voltage

14 – 28 VDC

Input Current

200mA @ 14 – 28 VDC

Electrical Interface

RS-232, Serial data

Maximum Usable Fuel

1,800 gallons
6,822 liters
9,999 lb
5,484 Kg @ 0.805 Kg/lit

Maximum Altitude

40,000 FT

Operating Temperature

-30°C to 50°C



Ground Speed Range

27 – 600 knots



Shadin Miniflo-L

Shadin Miniflo-L Fuel Management System | Single-Engine

$1,795.00$2,100.00 (-15%)