Gill LT 7641-20 Sealed Lead Acid Aircraft Battery



Extreme Cranking. The Gill LT 7641-20 aircraft battery is a sealed lead acid FAA-TSO'd battery upgrade to the popular Gill G-641.

The Gill LT 7641-20 battery is shipped fully charged - no electrolyte or water is required.

Gill LT 7641-20 Aircraft Battery main benefits:

  • Robust Starts, Higher Residual Power, and Faster Re-Charge Times
  • Non-Spillable - Suitable for Aerobatic Maneuvering
  • Advanced Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Design
  • Cost Competitive. Featuring the Best Shelf Life in Lead Acid Chemistry
  • FAA / PMA Approved, TSO Authorized and Tested to DO-160E Standards
  • 2-Year Factory Warranty

No HazMat Fees within CONUS with FedEx / UPS Ground

Estimated delivery: June 25th - June 28th
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Gill LT 7641-20 Sealed Lead Acid Aircraft Battery Features

  • Maintenance Free – Shipped Fully Charged and No Electrolyte or Water Required
  • Improved Shelf Life – Best Shelf Life in Lead-Acid Chemistry
  • Lower Weight
  • Dependable
  • Durable
  • High Reliability through Engineered Proecessoes
  • Improved Energy Density
  • Best Discharge and Recharge Efficiency in Value-Regulated Lead-Acid
  • Robust Construction
  • Tested and Approved to DO-160E Standards
  • First Capacity Check Not Required Until 18 Months/1800 Hours
  • Advanced Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) Design
  • Fully Recyclable
  • FAA/PMA Approved
  • 2-Year Factory Warranty After Installation
  • HazMat Exempt


Gill LT 7641-20 Battery Applications:

Airbus Helicopter: AS350B, AS350B1, AS350B2, AS350B3, AS350BA, AS350C, AS350D, AS350D1
ATR: ATR42-200, ATR42-300, ATR42-320, ATR42-500, ATR72-101, ATR72-102, ATR72-201, ATR72-202, ATR72-211, ATR72-212, ATR72-212A
Bell: 206A, 206B, 206L, 206L-1, 206L-3, (W/ STC SRO1406LA), 206L-4
Enstrom: TH-28, 480, 480B
McDonnell Douglas (Hughes): 369 Series, 500N
MD Helicopters: 369, 369A, 369D, 369E, 369F, 369FF, 369H, 369HE, 369HM, 369HS, 500N, 600N (w/ STC kit SR01427LA installed)
Schweizer: 269D


WARNING: Gill LT 7641-20 Battery can expose you to chemicals including ARSENIC (INORGANIC ARSENIC COMPOUNDS), CARBON BLACK (AIRBORNE, UNBOUND PARTICLES OF RESPIRABLE SIZE [= 10 MICROMETERS]), and LEAD, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, please visit

Additional information

Weight 44.30 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 9.25 × 10.375 in


One Hour Capacity, C1, Ah


30 Minute Emergency Rate, C/2, A




Gill LT 7641-20 Aircraft Battery

Gill LT 7641-20 Sealed Lead Acid Aircraft Battery


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