Kannad ELT Universal Mounting Tray | 1 Strap



Kannad ELT universal mounting tray is designed to fit Kannad 406 AP, AP-H, AF, AF-H, automatic three-frequency ELTs. Also suitable for Kannad Navigation Interface unit.

Estimated delivery: May 21st - May 24th
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Kannad S1820511-01 ELT Universal Mounting Tray Features

  • Designed to fix the ELT with a retaining strap for quick removal in an emergency and for easy removal for maintenance or exchange
  • Designed to hold the auxiliary antenna folded
  • Able to hold the ELT in place during 500 G shock for 4 ms
  • Made of molded yellow plastic

Additional information

Weight0.38 lbs
Dimensions7.12 × 3.7 × 0.62 in


Kannad ELT Mounting Tray

Kannad ELT Universal Mounting Tray | 1 Strap