Pitot Static Nylon Fittings | Assorted



The Pitot Static Nylon Fittings Kit contains an array of pitot-static fittings for pitot tubing. Each kit consists of a clear, impact-resistant resin case with a series of nylon fittings, plugs, connectors, elbows, and tees. This clear, organized kit makes it easy to view quantities and simplifies the reordering/refilling process.

Estimated delivery: May 21st - May 24th
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Pitot Static Nylon Fittings Includes

  • (50 ea.) 259N04, 0.25-inch nylon insert stabilizer fittings
  • (20 ea.) 261N04, 0.25-inch nylon nut fittings
  • (10 ea.) 259P04, 0.25-inch nylon plug
  • (10 ea.) 262N04, 0.25-inch nylon inline connection
  • (10 ea.) 264N04, 0.25-inch nylon union tee
  • (10 ea.) 269N04X02, 0.25 x 0.125-inch nylon male elbow
  • (10 ea.) 271N04X02, 0.25-inch nylon male run tee
  • (10 ea.) 268N04X02, 0.25-inch nylon male connector
  • (5 ea.) 265N04, 0.25-inch nylon union elbow
  • (5 ea.) 266N04X02, 0.25-inch nylon female connector
  • (5 ea.) 272N04X02; 0.25-inch nylon male branch tee
  • (1 ea.) Poly Flo Tube Cutter (307-FP)
  • (1 ea.) K812, compartmentalized, labeled plastic kit


Pitot Static Nylon Fittings | Assorted

Pitot Static Nylon Fittings | Assorted