Sandia SAFE 128 Cooling Fan | 22-31 VDC, Axial, Fault Detection



Sandia SAFE 128 Cooling Fan is an axial fan specifically designed to attach to the cooling port of avionics units directly. This innovative fan offers a nominal cooling air capacity of 20 CFM (no load). It operates efficiently, ensuring proper cooling for the avionics equipment.

One notable feature of the SAFE 128 is its alert output system. It is equipped with a mechanism that triggers an alert whenever the fan's RPM (rotations per minute) falls below a pre-set level. This functionality serves as a valuable indicator for monitoring the fan's performance and promptly addressing any potential issues.

By providing effective cooling and incorporating an alert output system, the Sandia SAFE 128 offers enhanced reliability and performance for avionics units.

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Sandia SAFE 128 Cooling Fan

Engineered specifically to connect directly to an avionics unit’s cooling port, the axial fan known as SAFE 128 provides around 20 CFM of cooling air without load. An in-built feature triggers an alert if the fan RPM dips below a certain level. SANDIA Aerospace employs high-quality brushless blower motors and/or uses RunQuiet technology in its cooling fans. The SAFE128 model holds an FAA PMA certification and has successfully endured rigorous environmental tests, ensuring its reliability for years to come.


  • Directly attaches to cooling port
  • High-quality brushless motor
  • Fault detection output
  • 22-31 volts DC
  • Includes installation kit

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 2.36 × 2.87 × 1.44 in

22-31 VDC


100mA nominal
< .250mA Startup





Sandia SAFE 128 Cooling Fan Axial Fault Detection 28 Volts

Sandia SAFE 128 Cooling Fan | 22-31 VDC, Axial, Fault Detection