Universal Coax Adapter Kit



Assemble hundreds of different adapters, both in-series and between-series, with this unique coaxial adapter kit.

Universal Coax Adapter Kit includes two male and two female connectors for each of the six types, allowing for the creation of any adapter on the spot within seconds. Just attach any combination of the 24 connectors to one of the 6 Universal Interfaces by screwing them together. There is no need for soldering or crimping, enabling the connectors to be reused in various combinations.

All contacts feature gold plating, while the connector bodies are crafted from silver-plated, machined brass with Teflon insulation. The collection is protected and organized in a zippered, soft leather case.

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Universal Coax Adapter Kit includes:

  • (6) Universal Adapters
  • (2) Coax Adapter- BNC male
  • (2) Coax Adapter- BNC female
  • (1) Coax Adapter- F male
  • (1) Coax Adapter- F female
  • (2) Coax Adapter- N male
  • (2) Coax Adapter- N female
  • (1) Coax Adapter- RCA male
  • (1) Coax Adapter- RCA female
  • (1) Coax Adapter- SM male
  • (1) Coax Adapter- SMA female
  • (2) Coax Adapter- TNC male
  • (2) Coax Adapter- TNC female
  • (2) Coax Adapter- UHF male
  • (2) Coax Adapter- UHF female
  • (1) Coax Adapter-Mini-UHF male
  • (1) Coax Adapter-Mini-UHF female

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Dimensions2 × 6 × 5.25 in


Universal Coax Adapter Kit

Universal Coax Adapter Kit