Aero 553 Panel Mount Digital Multi-Function CO Detector



Guardian Avionics AERO 553-101-001 Multi-Function Carbon Monoxide (CO) detector is a panel mounted TSO Certified unit designed especially for use in both FAA certified aircraft and experimental aircraft. This unit was designed to fit in, and replace a standard 2.25-inch instrument panel clock. AERO 553 features a clock, timer, temperature, cabin, and density altitude functions along with highly accurate and extremely fast CO detection and PPM readings within the cockpit on an easy-to-read LCD display.

The AERO 553 will detect and display true CO levels from 30 PPM to 999 PPM for real-time tracking of Carbon Monoxide in the cockpit. The 553 will alarm if the CO level exceeds 50-70 ppm for more than 5 minutes or will provide an instant alarm if CO spikes above 300 PPM within one minute.

The built-in pressure sensor will indicate altitude warnings at 10,000 feet, 12,500 feet, and 14,000 feet as a reminder to the pilot that supplemental oxygen should be used. Aero 553 displays these warnings on an optional annunciator light. This CO detection unit is perfect for owners and pilots looking for protection from the dangers of carbon monoxide in their certified aircraft and integration with an existing PFD, MFD, or engine monitor system.

Estimated delivery: July 18th - July 23rd
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  • Clock function displays local and zulu time in a 24 hour format
  • Flight timer starts automatically on take-off when 150 feet above runway level; manual start also available
  • Stop watch function allows pilots to time any segment of the flight
  • Keeps track of inside and outside air temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Instant alerts when battery level drops or rises above preset levels for 14 and 28 volt systems
  • Monitors cabin altitude and sounds an alert above 10,000, 12,500, and 14,000 feet
  • Density altitude is based on the absolute pressure and OAT
  • RS-232 Serial Connection included for reporting on external systems (see specs for list)
  • Remote light can be mounted for CO and altitude alert

Additional information

Weight 0.47 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 2.5 in


Power usage

Less than 2 watts

Input power

9—30 VDC

Temperature range

0°F to 110°F


5% to 95% (non-compensating)

Circuit Breaker

2 amps


RS232 to UPS CNX80; CO level, cabin temperature, and cabin pressure
(software level 2.0 required on CNX80)


Aero 553 Panel Mount Digital Multi-Function CO Detector

Aero 553 Panel Mount Digital Multi-Function CO Detector