AirGizmos Garmin Aera 795/796 GPS Panel Dock



The panel dock for the 795/796 securely holds the GPS in the panel while allowing the GPS to be easily removed for planning or use in another aircraft. The new 795/796 panel dock adds new features such as an actuator button for accessing the power button and brightness controls on the top of the GPS without removing it from the dock. This dock is also compatible with standard avionics cooling fans to provide ample cooling for the GPS. The 795/796, while larger than the 696 panel dock, was designed to fit the same 6.25" x 8" opening and mounting holes of previously installed 696 panel docks.

Estimated delivery: May 27th - May 30th
Part Number: PD22 Category:
  • Designed for Garmin 795/796 GPS unit
  • Fits in 696 dock opening
  • Cooling port
  • Power button and release on front of mount
  • Molded plastic construction
  • Black

Additional information

Weight0.487 lbs
Dimensions6.25 × 8 × 2.30 in

High Quality PC/ABS


AirGizmos PD22

AirGizmos Garmin Aera 795/796 GPS Panel Dock