Artex DGL-1 Programming Dongle



Artex DGL-1 programming dongle allows the fleet operator to program an aircraft’s 24-bit (Standard Message Protocol) address into a compatible Artex ELT. The DGL-1 is designed to attach to the top cover - both the cover and the dongle remain in the aircraft; all that is needed is to swap out the ELTs. Once the ELT is installed, the DGL-1 automatically reprograms the ELT. This makes it easy for ELTs to be switched between aircraft conveniently and effectively with reduced maintenance and downtime.

Artex DGL-1 programming dongle is compatible with the following Artex ELT Models:

—   110-406 NAV, 110-406HM NAV, 110-406ED NAV

—   B406-2, B406-4

—   C406-1, C406-1HM C406-2, C406-2HM

—   G406-1, G406-2, G406-4

Estimated delivery: June 25th - June 28th
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Artex DGL-1 Programming Dongle

  • Designed specifically for fleet operators
  • Allows for an easy upgrade of existing C406-1/2, G406-4, and B406-4 ELT installations
  • Greatly simplifies maintenance and reduces downtime
  • Installation becomes part of the permanent AC harness
  • Hardwire option for fleet aircraft identification
  • Ensures correct ELT programming for spares

Additional information

Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 10.95 × 2.42 × 3.36 in
Input Power

VDC ± 10 VDC

Output Power

5.6 VDC ± 0.3 VDC

Temperature range:

Operating: -20°C to 55°C Storage: -55°C to 85°C

Compatible ELTs

110-406 NAV, 110-406HM NAV, 110-406ED NAV, B406-2, B406-4
C406-1, C406-1HM C406-2, C406-2HM
G406-1, G406-2, G406-4



Artex DGL-1 Programming Dongle

Artex DGL-1 Programming Dongle


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