Artex ME406 ACE ELT Remote Switch



Artex Self-Powered Remote Switch for ME406 ACE fits exactly into the cut-out of the ACK ELT remote switch on the instrument panel of an aircraft. For Ameri-King ELT system upgrades, the cut-out needs to be slightly adapted.

The remote switch contains a small 5-year lithium battery to power the LED of the remote switch, thus allowing the ELT system to be independent of the aircraft power. The back of the remote switch contains the connector for the already installed and re-used "telephone wire" of the ACK or Ameri-King ELT installation.

This version - PN 455-0023 - includes a CD-Rom manual and installation kit.

Estimated delivery: July 18th - July 23rd
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Artex ELT Remote Switch

Artex ME406 ACE ELT Remote Switch