Echelon 20 PNR Headset


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Telex Echelon 20 full cushion aviation headset offers comfort, excellent hearing protection, and value. The Echelon 20 provides an impressive 20 dB of passive noise protection and a top-quality noise canceling electret microphone for clear, reliable communications.

The Echelon 20 features a low-profile headband for even weight distribution plus patented ComfortCam™ technology, a three-click tension adjustment system for a custom fit. Special earpieces with foam ear-seals pivot two ways to conform to any wearer while detent sliders adjust the headband.

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  • Foam-filled headband pad distributes headset evenly with no pressure points
  • Lightweight ear cushions provide comfort and an acoustic seal
  • Provides 20 dB of passive noise protection
  • Flexible microphone boom arm features a ball-and-socket joint offering perfect mic placement on either side of the head
  • Protected microphone cord provides strain relief and shielding from RFI and EMF

Additional information

Weight0.89 lbs

Medium Gray

Frequency Response

10 Hz – 3,500 Hz




Frequency: 100 Hz – 3,500 Hz
Impedance: 50Ω – 600Ω

Connector Type

PJ-068 & PJ-055

Noise Reduction

Passive ≤20 dB


Echelon 20 PNR Headset

Echelon 20 PNR Headset