MidContinent MD23 Flex Digital Counter Drum Altimeter | 2″


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MidContinent MD23 Flex Digital Counter Drum Altimeter is an ideal replacement for aging altitude indicators.

The MD23 digital altimeter features high-resolution graphics, an operating range of up to 55,000 feet, user-selectable vertical speed indication, and a six-second vertical trend. TSO certified.

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MidContinent MD23 Flex Digital Counter Drum Altimeter Features

  • User-selectable features: vertical speed indicator, six-second vertical trend, altitude target, approach minimums alert, barometric setting
  • Operating range up to 55,000 feet
  • Configurable altitude units (feet or meters)
  • Baro setting synchronized via ARINC 429
  • Encoding outputs via ARINC 429 and Gray Code
  • Standard 2-inch size
  • Lightweight and compact – weighing only 0.4 lb
  • Simple user interface with a single, push-and-turn control knob
  • Daylight readable LCD with high-resolution graphics
  • Manual or automatic lighting control from an external lighting controller or built-in photocell
  • SSEC curve customized to match primary flight displays (available)
  • Night Vision Integrated System (NVIS) compatible (available)
  • TSO certified (Design Assurance Level A)

Additional information

Weight 0.4 lbs
Dimensions 2.43 × 2.43 × 1 in

FAA/EASA TSO certified to C10c, C106, C113b
RTCA DO-160G qualified
RTCA DO-178C qualified, Design Assurance Level (DAL) A

Power Input

10 VDC – 32 VDC; 0.14A @28 VDC, 4 watts nominal

Data Input

ARINC 429: low or high speed, labels 234, 235

Data Outputs

ARINC 429: high speed, labels 203, 204, 212, 217, 234, 235

Operational Range

-1,500 to 55,000 feet

Units of Measure

Altitude: feet of meters
Barometric Settings: millibars (mb), hectopascals (hPa) or inches of mercury (inHg)


5, 14, or 28 VDC external control or internal photocell for automatic dimming


Rear panel mounted, (4) 6-32 screws, 2.25-inch round bezel


MidContinent MD23 Digital Altimeter

MidContinent MD23 Flex Digital Counter Drum Altimeter | 2"