Artex ME406 ELT | Transmitter & Battery


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The ME406 is a single-output ELT that's designed to make installation simple. Backed by the support of 6-year battery life, the ME406 is an ELT you can count on to have your back, should you be faced with an emergency.

If you should ever have to activate the ELT, the 406 MHz transmitter sends an encoded signal every 50 seconds to alert search and rescue teams of your location, so they can more easily bring you home.

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  • Automatic fixed emergency locator transmitter
  • Provides single antenna output for both 121.5 and 406 MHz frequencies
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Mounting hardware is compatible with all previous models of the Artex 406 MHz ELT products as well as the ELT200 series, ACK Pointer Model 3000, and Narco ELTs
  • Includes transmitter and battery pack only
  • 6-year battery life

Additional information

Weight2.05 lbs
Dimensions6.59 × 2.86 × 3.69 in

121.5 and 406 MHz

Case material

Impact resistant plastic



ME 406 ELT

Artex ME406 ELT | Transmitter & Battery