BendixKing KX 155A NAV/COM | 28V, 25kHz, Glideslope


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BendixKing KX 155A VHF navigation/communication transceiver utilizes flip-flop digital displays to add push button frequency preselection for both NAV and COMM data.

BendixKing KX 155A NAV/COM's non-volative memory circuit holds all the displayed frequencies in storage without the need for battery power. The large, self-dimming, microprocessor-controlled gas discharge readouts and solid-state electronic tuning provide a fast, accurate selection of all 200 NAV and 760 COMM frequencies.

Factory new unit. FAA-TSO Approved.

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BendixKing KX 155A NAV/COM

BendixKing KX 155A NAV/COM Features

  • Factory new unit
  • 760 COMM channels
  • Program up to 32 comma channels in a non-volatile memory circuit for ready recall of the frequencies you used on a regular basis – no backup battery required
  • Pre-selected frequencies are stored in a non-volatile memory circuit, eliminating the need for backup battery power
  • Internal CDI (course deviation indicator)
  • GPS QuickTune
  • Timer (counts up or down)
  • Stuck microphone alert
  • Bearing to Station and Radial from Station display
  • Standard audio amplifier
  • Solid state, gas discharge digital display
  • Silver Crown Plus styling
  • 200-channel NAV receiver
  • 10 watts power output
  • Push button frequency flip-flop with display of active and standby NAV and COMM frequencies
  • Isolation amplifier
  • 25 kHz COMM receiver
  • When interfaced to the KLN 94 GPS, both the standby comma and nav frequencies can be selected and remotely tuned from the GPS database, reducing pilot workload
  • FAA-TSO Approved

Additional information

Weight4 lbs
Dimensions10.16 × 6.25 × 2 in
TSO Compliance

COMM Transmitter: C37d
COMM Receiver: C38d
NAV Receiver: C40c, C36e
VOR/LOC Converter: C40c, C36e (KX 165A only)
Glideslope Receiver: C34e
Environmental Categories: DO-160c, A1D1/-BA/BMNPS/XXXXXXZB/AB/BATAXXX (KX 155A)

Power Requirement

27.5 VDC: Receive – .6 A; Transmit – 6.0 A

Operating Altitude

-15,000 to 50,000 feet

Operating Temperature

-20ºC to +55ºC



BendixKing KX 155A NAV/COM | 28V, 25kHz, Glideslope