Shadin 8800-T Altitude Encoder

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The Shadin Avionics 8800-T Altitude Encoder feeds gray code altitude information to the transponder. It simultaneously feeds RS-232 altitude data to the GPS and the Shadin Avionics Altitude Management System (AMS-2000) for Instantaneous Vertical Speed calculation. The AMS-2000 has an innovative fixed time-based (not fixed altitude) warning as the target altitude is approached. This means the alert is given earlier at higher rates of vertical speed for a smoother level off, allowing 20 seconds to level off, regardless of the rate of climb or descent. The addition of the Shadin Avionics Encoder enables an enhanced, high-resolution 10-foot resolution to be displayed on your AMS-2000 Altitude Alert System.

Part Number: 8800-T Category:
  • Translates altitude in 100-foot increments
  • Automatic altitude data to GPS and Loran receivers
  • Compatible with late-model transponders
  • Mode C encoder
  • High-resolution serializer
  • Helps maintain 3-D position calculation
  • Substitutes fourth satellite altitude reference
  • Enhanced, high-resolution 10-foot resolution output

Additional information

Weight0.69 lbs
Dimensions3.125 × 3 × 2.124 in
Altitude range

-1,000 ft to 35,000 ft

Operating temperature

-20° to +55° C



Serial interface

RS-232 – from pin 7, 9,600 bps, eight bits, no
parity, one stop bit. One message per second.
Serial data format is compatible with Trimble
Loran and GPS receivers.



Shadin 8800-T Altitude Encoder

$2,049.00$2,500.00 (-18%)