uAvionix AV-20-S Multi-Function Display – Certified

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Complement Your Panel with a Certified 12-In-One Display - Now FAA Approved

uAvionix AV-20-S Multi-Function Display incorporates a full-color display, a bezel-mounted light sensor for automatic display brightness, and an internal battery for operation in the event of power loss. The unit is designed to fit a standard 2¼ inch mounting hole and is approximately 2 inches deep. Dual ¼ inch quick-connect fittings are provided for pitot and static connections on the rear of the unit.

With a matte display, the AV-20S is visible in direct sunlight and automatically adjusts brightness to ambient light. Fly focused and aware with customizable audio alerts, the AV-20S’ many display configurations offer several audio triggers to alert of critical flight information. The AV-20S will alert visually and aurally if approaching a dangerous AoA—which is calculated by comparing the aircraft’s pitch, flight path, and G-loading.

Download AV-20-S Simulator for Windows

Estimated delivery: July 18th - July 23rd
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uAvionix AV-20-S Multi-Function Customizable Display

12-In-1 Functionality

AV-20S AoA Indication

AoA Display
(Voice Alerting & Peaks)

AV-20S AoA Indication

G-Meter Display
(Voice Alerting & Peaks)

AV-20-S Artificial Horizon

(Roll / Pitch)

AV-20-S Artificial Horizon with Skid Ball

Slip / Skid Indication

AV-20-S Certified Clock

(GMT / Local)

AV-20-S Time Counter

Dual User Timers
(Count Up / Down)

AV-20-S Elapsed Time

Engine Run & Flight Timers

AV-20S Density Altitude

Density Altitude

AV-20-S True Airspeed

True Airspeed Display

AV-20S AoA Indication

Audio Alerts
(AoA, G, Roll Limits)

uAvionix AV-20-S Features

  • AoA Display (Voice Alerting & Peaks)
  • G-Meter Display (Voice Alerting & Peaks)
  • Attitude (Roll / Pitch)
  • Slip / Skid Indication
  • Clock (GMT / Local)
  • Outside Air Temperature (C / F)
  • Bus Voltage Display
  • Dual User Timers (Count Up / Down)
  • Engine Run Timer
  • Flight Timer
  • Density Altitude Display
  • True Airspeed Display (Kts / Mph)
  • Internal Battery Operation (30 Min)

Cutting-Edge Technology Without the Cutting

uAvionix AV-20-S Multi-Function Display fits in your existing 2” panel slot seamlessly. By mounting from behind, eliminating the need for cutting or replacing your panel.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Dimensions 2.4 × 2.5 × 1.2 in



uAvionix AV-20S

uAvionix AV-20-S Multi-Function Display - Certified

$895.00 See Our Price in Cart

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