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BendixKing KTR 908 VHF Communications Transceiver features a wide spectrum of 760 frequencies, complemented by automatic squelch and audio leveling. It offers a power output of 20 watts for both transmission and reception.

The specific model 064-01023-0006 comes with the added benefit of SELCAL output and operates within a frequency range of 118 to 151.975 MHz.

Designed to work with BendixKing KFS 598A control/display unit.

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BendixKing KTR 908 VHF Communications Transceiver Features

    • Operates on 118.00 to 151.975 MHz frequencies
    • SELCAL output
    • 760 channel and extended frequency units available
    • Auto leveling
    • Solid-state design
    • Rigid mounting in any position
    • Automatic squelch
    • Designed to work with BendixKing KFS 598A control/display unit
    • FAA TSO’d

The BendixKing KTR 908 VHF Receiver, part number 064-01023-0006, is a digital transceiver operating at 25 kHz. It comes equipped with a digital comm feature (28V Black and KFS 598A) and also has the optional provision for 152 MHz with SELCAL.

This versatile system boasts 760 frequencies, automatic squelch, and audio leveling with an output of 20 watts. It includes a KFS 598A frequency selector, which simultaneously displays active and standby frequencies using gas discharge numerics. It has been approved under Technical Standard Orders (TSOs) C37b and C38b.

The receiver requires a power supply of 27.5 VDC. It has a weight of 3.50 lbs. (1.59 kg), a width of 1.75 in. (4.45 cm), a height of 5.00 in. (12.70 cm), and a length of 11.77 in. (29.90 cm).

Additional information

Weight3.5 lbs
Dimensions1.75 × 5 × 11.77 in

FAA TSO C37b, C38b

Power Output

20 watt

Frequency Range

118.000 MHz to 151.975 MHz in 25 kHz increment

Power Requirements

Receive 27.5 VDC at 0.4 A, max.
Transmit 27.5 VDC at 9.0 A, max.

Operating Temperature

-55ºC to 70ºC


50,000 ft


BendixKing KTR 908

BendixKing KTR 908 | SELCAL


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