Trig TY91 Compact VHF Radio | 6W, Complete Set – TSO’d

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Trig's compact TY91 is the ideal space-saving radio that can be installed in the tightest panel space. The TY91 is highly capable, and FAA TSO and EASA ETSO certified. Easy to use and faster to tune, it takes up minimal depth and weight. The radio’s unique ‘Push Step’ feature provides the fastest in-class frequency selection. Dual Watch allows you to monitor two channels at the same time - just like having two radios in one.

The radio's built-in intercom provides excellent control with various adjustments, including mic gain on each headset. A crisp and bright display is visible in all lighting conditions. This lowered powered Trig TY91 6 Watt model suits both 14 & 28-volt aircraft systems and will be ideal for the majority of GA users, including light sport, ultra-light, glider, and balloon pilots.

Trig TY91 complete set includes radio control head, hardware unit, mounting tray, install kit, and manuals.

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Trig TY91 – Certified Performance in a Small Factor

  • Compact size, low weight – takes minimal panel space
  • Two place intercom – built-in
  • Unique ‘Push Step’ feature provides the ‘fastest in class’ frequency selection
  • Dual watch – monitor two frequencies at the same time
  • Manual dimming feature (adjustable backlight)
  • Dual Control – two controller option for tandem cockpits
  • Simple Installation
  • GPS / EFIS compatibility (includes SL40 protocol and Garmin GTR255)
  • Two-year warranty from date of install, U.S. based technical support
Trig TY91 and TT22 in Waco Panel
Trig TY91

GPS Compatibility

Trig TY91 Compact VHF Radio can integrate with popular GPS units; this allows the automatic display of en-route radio frequencies. Control of the radio via an EFIS display is also possible using industry-standard SL40 and GTR225 protocols. This unique capability integrates your Trig radio with other avionics and provides real user flexibility.

Product Design

The innovative use of a control head and separate radio hardware unit provides more installation options, especially when space is at a premium. The control head can be conveniently mounted in a full 57mm (2 ¼”) round hole or even smaller compact mount. Fitting is straightforward, and once installed the depth of the radio control head is only 74mm (3”). In practice, this means that the Trig compact control head can be located in an aircraft instrument panel where a ‘single box’ radio will simply not fit. The compact radio is the perfect comms partner to our compact transponder Mode S (1090 ES ADS-B Out transponders).

Push Step

Trig TY91 Compact VHF Radio display is clear and bright, showing both primary and secondary frequencies. A ‘Push Step’ knob allows the fastest change from 8.33 kHz to 25 kHz – so you can tune the radio quickly without compromising your look-out. The Dual Watch feature allows pilots to monitor two frequencies at the same time – it’s like having two radios in one.


The TY91’s built-in two place intercom was optimized for use with standard aviation headsets – the crew can successfully use a number of adjustments in noisy aircraft. The compact radio also has a built-in speaker amplifier that can drive an external speaker, this is preferred by some glider pilots. If using a dynamic microphone with a Trig radio please note an amplified adaptor will be required.


  • Radio control head
  • Hardware unit
  • Mounting tray
  • Install kit
  • Installation manuals
Trig TY91

Additional information

Weight1.01 lbs

Controller: H 1.73 x W 2.48 x D 1.37 inches (Depth 3 inches with D-Type connector fitted).
Radio unit: H 1.88 x W 2.59 x L 6.29 inches (inc. socket)


ETSO-2C169a, ETSO-2C128,
TSO-C169a, TSO-C128a


ED-23C, ED-67, DO-186B, DO-178B
Level B, DO-160F, DO-254 Level C

Supply Voltage

11 VDC — 33 VDC

Typical Current Consumption

Receive: 200 mA @ 14 VDC
Transmit: 2A @ 14 VDC

Nominal Transmitter Power

6 Watt

Operating Temperature

Radio unit: -40°C to 70°C
Controller: -20°C to 70°C

Cooling Requirement

No Fan Required



Trig TY91 Compact VHF Radio | 6W, Complete Set – TSO’d

$1,657.00 See Our Price in Cart

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