iLevil AP Controller

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The iLevil Auto Pilot Controller is a panel-mounted interface designed to manage the iLevil AP system. This controller communicates via RS-232 to send and receive commands from the iLevil AP. With this remote control unit, you can easily configure settings such as the altimeter, heading hold, desired altitude, and more.

Designed to integrate seamlessly with the iLevil Autopilot system.

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iLevil Autopilot Controller

The Levil Auto Pilot Controller contains a small LCD and a knob to provide a panel-mounted interface to the iLevil AP (sold separately). The AP Controller uses RS-232 communication to send and receive commands to/from the iLevil AP, such as Altimeter Setting input, Heading Hold, Desired Altitude, and all the configurations required for the iLevil AutoPilot

Levil Aviation A/P Controller Features:

  • Engage Heading Hold, Altitude Hold, and Vertical Speed Hold modes for smooth, stable flight.
  • The compact size ensures easy installation in your cockpit.
  • Reduce pilot workload and enjoy a more relaxed flying experience.


iLevil AP Controller Installation Diagram


Additional information

Weight0.25 lbs


Serial Communication

RS-232, 230400 baud rate

Temperature Range

-30 C to +70 C



$252.00$270.00 (-7%)

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