Trig TN72 2020 ADS-B Bundle

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The Trig 2020 ADS-B Bundle provides a fully compatible ADS-B Out solution for both certified and uncertified aircraft owners.

Trig's ADS-B complete system kit contains all the certified components, meeting the requirements of FAR 91.227 for light-sport, experimental aircraft, and home-built aircraft, allowing the flight in 2020 rule ADS-B airspace.

The bundle includes TT22 ADS-B Out Transponder, the TN72 GPS Receiver, and matching TA70 GPS Antenna.

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Trig TN72 ADS-B Bundle – Compact & Lightweight

The ADS-B bundle installation options are versatile and practical. Each of the products within the bundle are lightweight and compact. The transponder hardware backbox and TN72 GPS can be installed away from your panel saving space and easing installation. The TC20 transponder control head includes a built-in altitude encoder and can be installed in a 2 1/4″ round mount or in a space-saving compact mount.

Fully compliant 2020 ADS-B Out bundle (MFR Part # 02016-00) includes:

Trig TT22 Mode S Transponder

Trig TT22

  • lightweight and compact Mode S transponder with integrated altitude encoder
  • Splashproof, ideal for open cockpit and seaplane
  • One-handed operation, single press VFR button, rapid squawk selection
  • Integrated altitude encoder
  • The display features tail number and flight level for reference

Trig TN72

  • 2020 Certified and compliant GPS Position Source for experimental and light-sport aircraft
  • Ideal for experimental gliders — allowing flight in 2020 rule airspace
  • Enables live tracking of aircraft with suitable ADS-B In equipment
  • Triggers traffic information services (TIS-B only available in U.S.)

Trig TA70

  • Certified TSO C-190 GPS antenna — optimized for Trig GPS units and provides an ideal retro-fit option
  • Optimized for use with Trig GPS units
  • Lightweight and simple to install
  • Superior gasket for a weather tight seal
  • Ideal as a retrofit antenna option

What’s in the Box

  • Two-year warranty (starts from the date of installation)
  • TT22 Mode-S transponder
  • TT22 install kit, tray, and manuals
  • TN72 GPS Position Source
  • TN72 install kit and manuals
  • TA70 WAAS GPS Antenna
  • TA70 mounting template



Trig TN72 ADS-B Bundle

Trig TN72 2020 ADS-B Bundle

$3,440.00 See Our Price in Cart

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