Trig TN70 WAAS GPS Position Source & Antenna Kit

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If you’re a certified aircraft owner looking for a fully compliant ADS-B Out solution, then the TN70 is the ideal partner for any Trig transponder.

The TN70 is simple to install and provides a great way to add a certified FAA TSO-C145 WAAS GPS receiver to complete your ADS-B Out installation.

This TN70 GPS receiver kit includes the WAAS GPS receiver unit, TA70 WAAS antenna, and installation kit.

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  • WAAS GPS receiver – kit includes Trig’s TA70 antenna
  • Meets TSO-C145 – compliant for 2020 ADS-B
  • Complete your 2020 ADS-B Out solution
  • Requires no panel space – lightweight and easy to install
  • Compatible with all Trig transponders (use either TT22 or TT31 in FAA ADS-B rule airspace)
  • Two-year warranty from date of install, U.S. based technical support

Compatible Products

The TA70 certified WAAS antenna is designed to complement the TN70. The TN70 comes with the TA70 antenna as a bundled kit, optimized for the best results.

2020 ADS-B Compliance

Trig are leaders in ADS-B technology (Automatic Dependant Surveillance-Broadcast) we were the first company in the world to meet FAA TSO-C166b, the latest standard for ADS-B transponders.

Every Trig transponder is Mode S, but also ADS-B capable. Once installed ADS-B equipment transmits your aircraft’s precise location directly to other ADS-B equipped aircraft and ground stations, improving your electronic visibility and safety.

Additional information

Weight 1.06 lbs
Dimensions 1.6 × 4.13 × 6.5 in



Beta 1 Receiver


DO-178B level C
DO-254 level C D0-160F

Supply Voltage

9 VDC – 32 VDC

Typical Current Consumption

0.2A (typical), 0.3A (maximum) @ 14 VDC

Operating Height

110,000 ft

Operating Temperature

-55°C to 70°C

Cooling Requirement

No Fan Required



TN70 WAAS GPS Position Source Receiver and Antenna Kit

Trig TN70 WAAS GPS Position Source & Antenna Kit

$2,087.00 See Our Price in Cart

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