uAvionix AV-Mag STC External Magnetometer For AV-30 | Certified



uAvionix AV-Mag is a high-precision 3-axis certified external magnetometer designed for AV-30 EFIS panel displays.

The AV-Mag is an STC'd external magnetometer that incorporates a tri-axial electronic compass. Its function is to accurately gauge the Earth's magnetic field, thereby assisting in determining the correct directional heading to enhance the precision and stability of the AV-30 EFIS display.

This version of AV-MAG STC - PN UAX9009301 - is designed for use in a certified aircraft.

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uAvionix AV-Mag External Magnetometer – STC’d

The AV-Mag, an external magnetometer, functions as a three-dimensional electronic compass. By taking precise measurements of the Earth’s magnetic field, it enhances the directional heading detection of the AV-30, thereby boosting its long-term precision and reliability.

A single AV-Mag unit has the capacity to support several AV-30 displays.

  • AV-MAG STC designed for certified aircraft
  • Supports multiple AV-30C displays
  • Easy installation
  • Can be installed in several orientations
  • Highly precise
  • 3-Axis
  • Compatible with AV-30
  • Digital DG setting


Where can I find the installation instructions?

Please refer to the uAvionix AV-30C installation manual, pages 43-47, available in the documentation section above.

What is the main function of the uAvionix AV-Mag Magnetometer?

The uAvionix AV-Mag is an external magnetometer that incorporates a three-axis electronic compass. It helps in accurately measuring the Earth's magnetic field, aiding in determining directional heading to enhance the accuracy and consistency of the AV-30 EFIS display.

Can one uAvionix AV-MAG STC support multiple AV-30 displays?

Yes, a single uAvionix AV-MAG STC has the capacity to support multiple AV-30 displays. This feature makes it a cost-effective solution for operations that require several displays.

What are the benefits of using the uAvionix AV-MAG?

The uAvionix AV-Mag magnetometer helps improve long-term precision and consistency in directional heading measurements by precisely gauging the Earth's magnetic field. This leads to more reliable and accurate data on your AV-30 displays.

Can the uAvionix AV-MAG STC function in challenging environments?

Yes, the uAvionix AV-MAG STC is designed to operate in a wide range of environments. Its robust construction and advanced technology make it capable of functioning effectively, even in demanding conditions.

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uAvionix AV-Mag Magnetometer

uAvionix AV-Mag STC External Magnetometer For AV-30 | Certified