BendixKing AeroNav 800 GPS/FMS/NAV/COM

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AeroNav 800 is a full-featured GPS/FMS/NAV/COM with hybrid touch, wireless connectivity, and synthetic vision built right in.

The AeroNav 800 Series FMS/GPS/NAV/COM combines hybrid touch, WAAS/SBAS/GPS/VHF navigation and communication along with stunning 3D SVS synthetic vision technology to deliver a powerful and capable touchscreen, panel-mounted navigator.

The AeroNav 800 displays a three-dimensional scene representing “egocentric” (out-the-window) and “exocentric” (in-trail) views of your aircraft in relation to nearby terrain and traffic.

BendixKing AeroNav 800 is compatible with a large number of popular ADS-B Out transponders and is an approved position source for ADS-B. There is no need for a separate GPS (or ADS-B with embedded GPS) or additional antenna on the aircraft. The AeroNav 800 is a smaller, 4.8" version of the BendixKing AeroNav 900.

The AeroNav series is designed as a slide-in replacement for the GNS 430 and GNS 530 legacy navigators to minimize installation time and cost.

Factory new unit. Version 89000041-002 functionality includes:

  •  VHF Navigation
  •  VHF Communication
  •  Flight Management System (FMS/GPS)
  •  3D synthetic vision system (SVS)
  •  WiFi/Bluetooth®, Forward Looking Terrain Alerting (FLTA)
  •  Required Terrain Clearance Alerting (RTC)
  •  Jeppesen Charts - Unlock
  •  Bluetooth Keyboard
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Fly with confidence with AeroNav GPS navigators

BendixKing AeroNav is a navigation and communication system designed for Part 23 and Part 25 aircraft owners and OEMs. The technologically-advanced AeroNav is a feature-rich, hybrid touchscreen/physical-knobs GPS/FMS/NAV/COM. It is possibly one of the most sophisticated
navigators ever built.

It gives you all the functions that you expect from a smartly designed product with an intuitive graphical user interface, making your entire flying experience easy and more enjoyable.

GNS530 to AeroNav 900

Slide-in Replacement

The AeroNav series is designed as a slide-in replacement for the GNS 430 and GNS 530 legacy navigators to minimize installation time and cost.

BendixKing AeroNav 800 Features

  • Touchscreen GPS/FMS/NAV/COM with Knobs and Buttons
  • 4.8 inch full VGA 640 x 480 px display with 65,535 colors
  • Ultrabright sunlight readable with LED backlighting
  • Synthetic Vision with Integrated Traffic
  • FMS Preview allows the view of the available approaches graphically prior to selection
  • 3D Terrain Awareness (SVS-TA) and Forward Looking Terrain Alerting (FLTA)
  • FLTA also provides visual CAS messaging & aural alerting
  • Textual and aural alerts are provided for terrain hazards
  • Standard traffic symbology to indicate threat level
  • LPV Vertical Guidance Coupled Approaches
  • Low Fuel Alerting with compatible Fuel Totalizer System
  • FMS automatically nominates, auto-tunes, identifies, and monitors the NAV radio frequencies
  • Fully-integrated, NextGen MEMS- Gyro ARS sensor senses pitch and roll
  • ADS-B Compliant Position Source
  • Built-in Bluetooth® and WiFi
  • Direct Slide-in Replacements of old GNS Systems
  • Wireless Interface to Third-Party Flight Planning and Mapping Applications
  • CMax™ Approach Charts & Airport Diagrams
  • Reduces data entry by as much as 75%

BendixKing AeroNav 800 – Easy To Use

The AeroNav product suite offers a wide range of features that make your flying easier and more enjoyable. The hybrid touchscreen/physical-knobs gives you hassle-free access to the information you need as it offers two ways of accessing information which dramatically reduces “headdown” time:

  • With Page & Tab, which enables you to access any screen in 1 or 2 clicks.
  • There are no nested menus and no home page to navigate through.

This means near-zero training time, no need for memorization of actions, and no need to re-learn at any time. To make data entry even simpler, a free separate Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard is included.

Competing products have an icon-based “Home” page that requires running each function as a separate “app,” making it difficult to move between different screens without going back up to the Home menu and then finding your way back down through the pages of each specific function.

AeroNav’s concise dropdown menus were designed to provide easy data entry of airways, waypoints, destinations, and procedures. AeroNav can automatically create user-defined waypoints to further ease flight-planning tasks.


BendixKing AeroNav 800 offers built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, so your favorite flight apps will always be part of your toolkit. Below is a list of applications and required software levels needed to interact with the AeroNav.

  • ForeFlight 7.6 or later
  • Seattle Avionics FlyQ EFB 2.4
  • FltPlan Go 4.4.6
  • AvPlan EFB
AeroNav 900 Lancair

Additional information

Weight 8.79 lbs
Dimensions 6.3 × 11 × 4.6 in

Factory New Unit


Full VGA 640 x 480 px
65,535 Colors


TSO-C34e – ILS Glide Slope Receiving Equipment Operating within the Radio Frequency Range of 328.6-335.4 Megahertz (MHz)
TSO-C36e – Airborne ILS Localizer Receiving Equipment Operating within the Radio Frequency Range of 108-112 Megahertz (MHz)
TSO-C40c – VOR Receiving Equipment Operating within the Radio Frequency Range of 108-117.95 Megahertz (MHz)
TSO-C44c – Fuel Flowmeters
TSO-C110a – Airborne Passive Thunderstorm Detection Equipment
TSO-C112e – Air Traffic Control Radar Beacon System/Mode Select (ATCRBS/Mode S) Airborne Equipment
TSO-C113a – Airborne Multipurpose Electronic Display
TSO-C118 – Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) Airborne Equipment, TCAS I
TSO-C128a – Devices that Prevent Blocked Channels Used in Two-Way Radio Communications Due to Unintentional Transmissions
TSO-C146d – Stand-Alone Airborne Navigation Equipment Using the Global Positioning System (GPS) Augmented by the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS).Airborne Supplemental Navigation Equipment Using the Global Positioning System (GPS) – Gamma 3
TSO-C147 – Traffic Advisory System (TAS) Airborne Equipment – Class A (Display Functions Only)
TSO-C157a – Aircraft Flight Information Services – Broadcast (FIS-B) Datalink Systems and Equipment
TSO-C165 – Electronic Map Display Equipment for Graphical Depiction of Aircraft Position
TSO-C169a – VHF Radio Communications Transceiver Equipment Operating Within The Radio Frequency Range 117.975 To 137.000 Megahertz – Class C, E, 3 and 5

Power Requirements

11 – 33VDC
4.4A/6.5A Xmit @ 14vdc
2.2A/4.0A Xmit @ 28vdc

VHF COM Power Output

10 Watts Nominal

Operating Temperature

-20ºC to 55ºC



AeroNav 900

BendixKing AeroNav 800 GPS/FMS/NAV/COM

$13,450.00$15,160.00 (-11%)

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