uAvionix tailBeacon & SkySensor ADS-B In / Out Bundle

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uAvionix tailBeacon & SkySensor ADS-B In / Out Bundle
The easiest, fastest, and cost-effective solution to become fully ADS-B In and Out compliant. 

This uAvionix bundle includes a TSO-approved tailBeacon and experimental skySensor for a complete 2020, near zero-install, WAAS GPS, ADS-B Out and In solution integrated into wing tip position, and tail beacon lights.

uAvionix SkyBeacon & SkySensor Bundle Includes

uAvionix skyBeaconuAvionix skySensor
uAvionix tailBeacon | ADS-B OutuAvionix skySensor | ADS-B In
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uAvionix tailBeacon

uAvionix tailBeacon
TSO approved, rear LED position nav light featuring ADS-B Out UAT, Integrated WAAS GPS, and integrated encoder

The tailBeacon from uAvionix is a TSO-certified, revolutionary new way to comply with ADS-B out for your certified aircraft. This rear position nav light is integrated with ADS-B Out, GPS, and LED position lighting, offering the lowest total cost of ownership of any ADS-B Out solution.

uAvionix skySensor

uAvionix SkySensor
Live ADS-B Traffic and Weather, LED Nav Light, Strobe Light, WiFi, and GPS

The skySensor replaces your existing wingtip position light and uses the existing mounting location, circuit breaker, and wiring while integrating LED Navigation and Anti-Collision Strobe lights.

This subscription-free device provides in-flight weather information on both 978 MHz and 1,090 MHz and delivers in real-time aircraft position and weather overlays to EFB supported applications using the GDL90 protocol, such as ForeFlight Mobile, FLTPlan Go, FlyQ, WingX, and many other applications.


uAvionix tailBeacon & SkySensor Bundle

uAvionix tailBeacon & SkySensor ADS-B In / Out Bundle

$2,849.00 See Our Price in Cart

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